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They make the time to know your script and take an active role on making it better. The feedback I got was not only actionable but also tutorial, a step-by-step guide for my craft. I now feel more confident than ever as a screenwriter, and believe it's just a matter of time before my final breakthrough.

Thanks to The Script Lab for bringing me closer to this long-held dream. It was a proud moment for me, but also daunting.

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I was pleasantly surprised to get my review back so quickly, but it made me wonder if the reader even read the whole script. Then I read the notes and realized how professional, thorough, and encouraging the analysis was. The feedback was specific to my story, yet could be used as a benchmark for all of my future screenplays. It made me realize how much work I still have to do on my screenplay and that TSL Notes will be a helpful and necessary resource to help me develop as a screenwriter.

The Myth About Screenplay Story Structure by Larry Wilson

Thank you for your excellent service! I learned lots from the pages of frank and professional instruction. I know of no other script service that gives so much value for the price. Great service, highly recommended. This service offers the perfect writers' assist, with detailed breakdowns and amazing advice. The candid feedback might sting a little, but if you're determined to succeed, it will motivate you. If you think you've written something great, this crew will put it to the test.

MEET THE READER: The Six Axes of Screenplay Analysis, Part 2 - Script Magazine

TSL Notes is the perfect reality check. You've really helped me.

Thank you! Speedy coverage of my short film. Heard exactly what I needed to hear about flaws, plus encouragement about strengths. That's always the best combination of feedback. When does that ever happen?

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Typically, I'd have to wait weeks or months for feedback. I was blown away when the coverage was in my inbox after just 48 hours. And good to know if you're in a hurry to better your script. The notes were done with an encouraging and constructive tone. While I might not change my screenplay according to all the suggestions given, I do like the challenge of an honest and knowledgeable opinion. Response time was great, the feedback was straightforward and specific, making it extremely helpful.

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Thank you, TSL Notes! I purchased the very fairly-priced The First Draft Television analysis and was impressed with the thoroughness of the notes.

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They were extremely helpful and the turnaround was lightning quick. I will definitely use TSL Notes in the future and recommend the service to other screenwriters. If your work gets this rating, start submitting to industry contacts pronto! Caution means that the story has promise, but needs enough revision that you should address the issues before proceeding with your screenplay or treatment. Go means you are on the right track and should move forward on completing your story.


A producer or agent will only give your screenplay to a Script Reader for coverage once. The entertainment and media industry is not for the faint of heart, nor for rose-colored glasses. It is, at its core, a business. As we strive to continually offer you objective, actionable, and sometimes sobering feedback at all stages of the development process, our readers must also maintain complete anonymity at all times. Please note that we may need to extend our turnaround time by up to 48 hours, to allow for availability of the requested reader. As a rule of thumb, feature film screenplays should not be longer than pages roughly one page per minute of screen time ; television sitcom or drama teleplays should be no longer than 30 or 60 pages, respectively.

You should consider trimming your work prior to submitting to us. All of the readers in our partner network must accept and adhere to strict terms and conditions to remain part of it. Get familiar with terms, techniques, and general story elements.

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Master standard coverage format and content. Find guidelines for practicing coverage and getting work as a professional story analyst. With a foreword by Craig Perry, producer of American Pie, Final Destination, and other successful movies, and quotes from industry pros from top entertainment companies including ABC and Paramount Pictures, this is the essential guide for breaking into the business.

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