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Stop wading through pages of introductory material to learn how to add interactivity to Web pages with JavaScript! Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: JavaScript is a compilation of individual workshops that teach you only what you need to learn. Turn to the chapter on that subject, complete the workshop, and you're done!

Each workshop is written in the popular, easy-to-understand style of the best-selling author Laura Lemay. You'll learn how to use Java Script to enhance your Web pages with interactive forms, objects, and cookies. You will also discover how to use JavaScript to work with games, animation, and multimedia. Stop wading through pages of introductory material to learn how to do a specific task!

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  • Sams teach yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 days.

Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: Microsoft FrontPage is a compilation of individual workshops that teach you only what you want to learn. Just turn to the chapter on the subject, complete the task, and you're done! No hassle, no headaches, just what you want, when you want it!

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Learn how to design a professional Web page; use wizards and bots to simplify Web development--composing, editing and formatting text. Specific to system administrators, this book describes in detail the procedures and techniques necessary to run an efficient Lotus Notes environment. Lotus Notes and Domino 4.

For users who need to fully understand network protocols, multiple networking standards, and capabilities, this book is for them. Using a real-world approach, users will explore all major networking protocols and learn how to troubleshoot any network problem. Now more than ever, it is imperative that users be able to protect their system from hackers trashing their Web sites or stealing information. Written by a reformed hacker, this comprehensive resource identifies security holes in common computer and netwo.

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This complete Access 97 command reference provides you with key information on the most important Access 97 features. This hands-on, step-by-step guide provides you with the detailed information necessary to run any combination of Microsoft BackOffice products smoothly and efficiently. It covers the individual pieces of BackOffice 2 as well as key phases in the development, integration, and administration of the BackOffice environment.

Setting up your own charts and graphics; using pivot tables; creating your own outlines; editing workbooks; managing multiple files with ease; applying a variety of formatting to spreadsheet elements; working with databases; linking and embedding data; working with scenarios; customizing Excel 97; and more! Microsoft Exchange Server Survival Guide is your survival kit to managing an Exchange server in the real world. With this book, you will become familiar with key topics necessary to run Exchange efficiently and securely.

Navigate the Web and find your favorite places; use helper applications to take full advantage of interactive sites; configure Windows 95 for Internet use; enhance your Web pages with HTML 3.

Microsoft SQL Server 6. Whether you're new to the SQL Server environment or a veteran administrator, this book provides the tips, techniques, and detailed information you need to run an efficient database. This complete Word 97 command reference provides you with the key information on the most important Word 97 features. Microsoft Works 4.

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Migrating to NetWare 4. As a hands-on guide to understanding, implementing, and managing NetWare 4. This is the guide for NetWare administrators who want to expand their knowledge and upgra.

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Net Results: Web Marketing That Works is a guide that explores the online strategies and tactics that are successfully working for Fortune marketers. It will enable all the small businesses that wish to use the Internet to level the playing field , to employ the same winning techniques used by the big guys. With this comprehensive resource, you'll explore various types of plug-ins, learn how to develop intranet applications, and create an embedded, hidden, or full-page plug-in. Find out how to utilize OLE and OCX controls; convert a plug-in for use with other browsers; and master important design issues that must be considered when building a good plug-in.

Castanet is Marimba's technology for distributing and receiving Java applications across the Internet or an intranet. Written by best-selling author, Laura Lemay, this clear, hands-on guide explains what this new technology is, why it's important, how to. Oracle programmers and developers will quickly learn the basics and advanced topics of Oracle. This book includes in-depth coverage of Oracle tools and utilities, database administration, Designer , and Developer PC Magazine Programming Perl 5.

Perl 5. Taking a building-block approach, this.

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Corporations are scrambling to harness the benefits of Internet technology by bringing internal Web sites inside the corporate. Perl 5 by Example is the one resource you won't want to miss for building expert programming skills.

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  8. Easy-to-understand examples and exercises, this book leads the way to quick programming success. This complete Perl command reference provides you with key information on the most important Perl commands. With a comprehensive index and exhaustive command reference section, you'll have all the essential information you need to create dynamic Web pages with Perl.

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    Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming serves as a complete reference for those who are new to the world of programming and those who make their living at it. Award-winning author Peter Norton uses a hands-on, user-friendly approach that allows beginners to learn at their own pace and advanced users to quickly access the information they need. Platinum Edition Using Visual Basic 5 provides all the information and tools you need to immediately begin building your own professional Visual Basic applications.

    Platinum Edition Using Windows 98 is the premier expert-level reference available today. This book provides all the information,. Platinum's unique approach provides an unparalleled reference and tutorial by assuming basic knowledge at the coverage of Windows NT Server 4, Internet Information Server 4, and NT Service Packs 1, 2 and 3.

    It includes advanced troubleshooting and perfor.

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    Presenting ActiveX gives you the basic information necessary to understand how Microsoft's ActiveX is transforming static Web pages into living, interactive applications. Presenting Java Beans gives you the basic information necessary to understand how JavaBeans extends and enhances the Java platform by adding new levels of dynamism, flexibility, and re-use. Quicken 6-in-1 will support the best of what loyal users want to know about Quicken, while also trying to reach a newer audience. Written by a team of experts, Red Hat Linux Unleashed is your complete guide to getting the most from Linux.

    With the consistent growth of the World Wide Web, many corporations are now using internal Web servers, or. Special Edition Using Java 1. Dominating the Internet product market has become Microsoft's key strategic goal for the future. This comprehensive reference f. As the SQL Server user base continues to escalate and the need for adequate documentation on this database grows, there is a strong demand for this title. Using real-world examples and a hands-on approach, this reference explores administering, developing.

    Teaches the basics of C. You'll gain a thorough understanding of all basic concepts, including program flow, memory management, and compiling and de. You'll find complete coverage of the syntax, standards, and programming of COBOL-putting you on the right track to the Year Sams Teach Yourself CorelDraw! This complete tutorial walks the new user step-by-step through the most important features of the new CorelDRAW 8 graphics suite. Readers will be u. This book shows programmers how to design, develop, and deploy Visual Basic applications for the World Wide Web.

    This step by step tutorial shows readers how to program with Visual Basic in a set amount of time. Topics will include compatible component development, enterprise-wide integration, Intern. IntraBuilder is Borland's newest product targeting the burgeoning Web database application development market. It comes with Netscape Navigator Gold and Netscape FastTrack server, making it all-in-one toolkit for interactive Web database development. Sams Teach Yourself Java 1. Whether you're new to the world of programming or a veteran developer tackling Java for the first time, this hands-on tutorial will have you creating your own Java programs after just 24 one-hour lessons.

    Bring your Web site to life with fully interactive. Introducing the first, best, and most detailed guide to developing applications with the hot new Java language from Sun Microsystems. It is intended for non-technical people, and will be equally of value to users on the Macintosh, Wi. With the new. Teach Yourself Oracle8 in 21 Days is a tutorial that will teach the reader the basics of using and administrating an Oracle database.

    Perl is a powerful and convenient tool for manipulating text, generating reports, performing system tasks, and programming the Internet.