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Careful examination of this pattern reveals the simple changes required to make teams more successful and improvements more sustainable. The advanced statistical analysis, sophisticated diagnostic tools and rigorous metrics of the Six Sigma methodology alone do not guarantee success. Six Sigma success relies heavily on human factors. Project teams are more likely to make significant and lasting improvement when the team receives extended expert support, meaningful motivation and participation by management.

Do you have insight into why one of your projects may have failed or how you saved a project from failing?

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Share it in the comments below. Home Methodology. Implementation Six Sigma. Allen Graves — May 19, Variance is the very characteristic that dictates the rate at which evolution in nature occurs. Consider the countless number of times that your cells divide to make you who you are. Now consider that each time a cell replicates, it must copy and transmit the exact same sequence of 3 billion nucleotides to its daughter cells. Inevitably, errors occur—and much more often than you might expect. Yet it is these errors in DNA replication that have allowed single-cell organisms to evolve into the unimaginably complex beings that we are today.

To be sure, the process works: Neurospora has relentlessly protected itself from variation over hundreds of millions of years. And yet, Neurospora is still, after all, only a bread mold. As biologist Olivia Judson delicately puts it, "Its use of mutations to defend from variation may have inadvertently blocked off some evolutionary paths.

Listen to any CEO these days, and at first glance, they would seem to be the opposite of this variation-averse type — leading organizations that are built for innovation and entrepreneurship. Employee support for Six Sigma through participation on project teams and support for people on teams is key to Six Sigma success. But many organizations make it difficult for people to support Six Sigma.

In order for Six Sigma to become accepted within an organization, people who support it must be reinforced for their decision to do so.

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Six Sigma should be designed specifically for the organization by people who fully understand the complexities and needs of the organization. For Six Sigma to be accepted throughout the organization the process owner must never have it forced upon him and Six Sigma teams can never be sent into an area without the support of the process owner. Proposal Submission Deadline: October 11, Acceptance notification date: November 11, Early Registration Deadline: February 11, Please make sure to review and prepare the material needed before you start the on-line Proposal Submission Form.

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